Watch Jake Hoffman's Directorial Debut in Romantic Road-Trippy 'Asthma' (Exclusive Trailer)

Meriah Doty

Put an off-kilter rocker and the comely tattoo artist of his dreams into a stolen classic convertible and you have a road-trip movie that revels in eccentricity.

Jake Hoffman — son of Dustin — has written and directed his first feature-length film, the romantic drama Asthma. (See the trailer, exclusively, above.) The film is about a lost weekend between two new acquaintances that involves partying, run-ins with self-professed yogis, and a jail scene involving a local drunk (played by ‘70s rock icon Iggy Pop).

The preview launches with Gus (Benedict Samuel, who appears in Robert Zemeckis’s upcoming The Walk), and reveals the voice inside his head — à la Birdman and Donnie Darko. Then we see his candid first meeting with Ruby (Krysten Ritter, Big Eyes) in a bar, where he discloses his instability; soon after, she’s taking a ride with him in a beautifully preserved classic Rolls Royce.

Sprinkled with appearances by Nick Nolte, Rosanna Arquette, and Jake’s aforementioned Pop, Asthma goes off the beaten path in theaters Oct. 23.