WATCH: Israeli families mark month of mourning since war began

Relatives of some of the 1,400 people killed in the 7 October Hamas attack on southern Israel gathered at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall on Monday night to mark a month of mourning.

Around 40 families lit candles for each victim at the entrance of the holy site, considered the most sacred place Jews can worship, during prayers marking the first month of grief in line with Jewish tradition.

"We don't have other ways to commemorate them except with prayers, lighting candles, and having them in our heart," said Yossi Rivlin, who lost two brothers at a music festival massacre during the Hamas attack.

"This unity of the Israeli nation, we feel it not only in our house but all around the country. Too bad we had to wait for this moment," the 26-year-old added.

"It's a terrible time. I just hope we won't forget and return to our routine."

Standing before a giant Israeli flag, army chief cantor Shai Abramson gave a prayer for the departed, modified to include a blessing for security forces who "paid with their lives for the protection of Israeli land".

The ceremony was the first religious commemoration organised at the Wailing Wall since 7 October.