Watch: inspiring beauty tutorials by 12-year-old cancer patient

In the sometimes shallow world of beauty tutorials, 12-year-old YouTube vlogger Talia Joy Castellano has inspired over 100,000 followers with her impressive make-up tutorials and brave online posts about her battle with cancer.

Castellano has been posting vlogging make-up tutorials on YouTube for a year now, although she has been making the headlines this week in particular.

On August 7 the youngster recorded a message explaining that doctors have found two types of cancer in her body, and she is facing the tough decision of whether to have a bone marrow transplant.

As well as offering messages of encouragement to fellow survivors and tutorials especially designed for hair-loss or eyebrow thinning, Castellano has showcased her charismatic personality and beauty expertise via tutorials on subjects ranging from pink candy cane eyes to 3D nails.

"I don't like wearing wigs so I wear make-up to feel good and pretty inside-and I guess outside," writes Castellano on her You Tube channel.

Watch her smokey eye tutorial here:

Talia Joy Castellano on YouTube: