Watch: A Ferrari F40 Getting Hoisted Onto a Yacht in Monaco Is the Luxury Flex of the Day

That’s one way to make an entrance to the Formula 1 Grand Prix!

Marketplace Altr posted photos and videos of a yacht carrying a red Ferrari F40 for this weekend’s event. In a video, the sports car makes a careful descent onto the top deck of the yacht. The supercar was originally built in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The stunt was pulled off by luxury cryptocurrency platform Altr, which is officially launching at the Monaco Grand Prix.

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“Do you like rare and iconic supercars? The Ferrari F40, hailed as one of the greatest sports cars ever created, is the essence of raw power and uncompromising performance. Its striking design and exceptional engineering make the F40 the pinnacle of collectible supercars,” Altr said in a caption.

Altr will offer luxury collectibles and give “collectors an easy way to purchase rare and fine collectibles either in full or as a fraction using USDt Stablecoin,” according to a description on its website. Oracles on the platform are “renowned experts” that conduct appraisals, valuations, and help with secure storage. One of those Oracles is Italian dealer Car & Car, who collaborated with the platform for the feat. McLaren Automotive was also tagged as a partner in the post, according to an Instagram post.

The new platform also facilitates the digitization of a person’s existing assets and use them as collateral to borrow liquidity without selling their goods. “A digital proof of ownership, in the form of an NFT, is issued and can be held, traded, collateralized, or redeemed for the physical item at any time,” the site explains.

You might be feeling deja vu because a similar flex was recently performed by an Australian businessman. Adrian Portelli hoisted his $3 million McLaren Senna GTR up 57 floors to the top of a luxury residential tower in Melbourne. An entire side of the building was deconstructed to help a crew get the vehicle up that high.

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