Watch Benedict Cumberbatch surprise comic shop workers while dressed as Doctor Strange

Tom Butler
Senior Editor

Benedict Cumberbatch stunned fans as he entered a New York City comic book shop in his full Doctor Strange costume.

The British actor, 44, took a break from filming the Marvel movie and jokingly suggested he work at the store full-time.

Sharing the video for the first time, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson said they were filming the 2016 movie outside a Manhattan comic book store when he “spontaneously suggested” the actor go inside.

Benedict Cumberbatch visits a comic shop dressed as Doctor Strange. (Twitter/Scott Derrickson)

Cumberbatch, wearing the character’s distinctive facial hair, cuts on his cheeks and a flowing red cape, obliged.

He quickly drew stunned stares from customers, who rushed to pull out their phones to capture the moment.

Cumberbatch, speaking in Doctor Strange’s American accent, shook hands with a worker behind the counter, joking “it’s lovely to come off the shelf and say hello”.

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One worker then compared his appearance to Doctor Strange on a comic book cover, before taking a picture of the two.

Cumberbatch also posed for a snap with the worker. He joked: “If the movie doesn’t work out and it bombs, can I come and work with you guys, at least?”

Doctor Strange (Credit: Marvel/Disney)

He seems to have got a better reaction than when he visited a coffee shop dressed as the character.

In 2016 he told Entertainment Weekly that the cafe patrons were far from shaken by his appearance as the Marvel hero.

“I had some friends who were around on Saturday and they were like, ‘Wow, oh my god, you’re actually playing a superhero!'” Cumberbatch recalls. “I said, “Let’s go to a cafe,’ and we went to this cafe around the corner. And you know that scene in Ghostbusters where Rick Moranis runs up to the cafe in Central Park, being chased by the Dog of Doom from the building?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor on the set of "Doctor Strange" in New York City. (NYC)

“And he goes, ‘Help me, help!’ and bangs against the glass? And everyone in the restaurant sort of drops their cutlery and turns their head and looks? And he squeaks down the glass going, ‘Please, help me?’ And there’s a silence? And you cut back to the dining room and everyone goes, ‘Anyway, I was saying, Marjorie just had her face done…’ That’s pretty much what happened in the cafe.’

The Sherlock star will reprise his role in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, which has a release date of 2022.

Listen to Benedict Cumberbatch reading ‘Jack’s Dream’ on Yahoo’s STOR14S podcast below.