How to watch the 2019 'Dota 2' International grand final live -- streams and times

The Alliance and RNG teams play at The 2019 International Dota 2 Championships in Shanghai, August 20, 2019

With over US $33m showered upon 2019's "Dota 2" world championship finalists, and almost half that amount dedicated to its overall winner, The International is to reclaim its status as the world's biggest eSport tournament from July's "Fortnite" World Cup on August 25.

For fans of one of the world's biggest eSports, more casual observers, or those who want to see what it's like to win upwards of US $15m for playing a computer game, the final stages of this year's annual "Dota 2" world championship are being broadcast online on August 24 and 25.

Taking place in Shanghai, China, after seven years in North America, The International 2019 boasts the highest-ever eSports prize pool of US $34m at the time of writing.

Games are being broadcast live via three main services: the game developer's streaming portal SteamTV, Amazon's popular game streaming service Twitch.TV, and through the "Dota 2" game client app.

Reflecting the game's worldwide audience, five core "Dota 2" streams offer official 2019 International commentary and analysis in five different languages.

With the main Twitch channel located at Twitch.TV/dota2ti, a Russian track is hosted by associated channel dota2ti_ru, Portuguese commentary through dota2ti_pt, Spanish language accompaniment via dota2ti_es, and Chinese observations through dota2ti_cn.

There's also a newcomer or "noob" stream with commentary at dota2ti_newcomer, adjusted to explain how and why players and teams are using their moves and strategies. It's better suited to viewers who are less familiar with the game.

Those watching via SteamTV may switch between English, Chinese, and Russian through a single page,, which also replaces Twitch Chat with Steam Chat.

And those who want all the information at their fingertips might find the "Dota 2" game client preferable.

Watching The International streamed through the game's software makes it possible to switch player focus as desired, use a free-movement camera perspective, and access detailed information on character equipment.

When does the grand final take place?

The culmination of six days of tournament play, the 2019 "Dota 2" International grand final begins on August 25 at 2pm China Standard Time in Shanghai.

That equates to a start time of 11pm the night of August 24 in San Francisco (PDT), 2am on the 25th in New York (EDT), 7am UK time (BST), 8am in Central Europe (CEST) and South Africa (SAST), 11.30am India Standard Time, and 2pm in the Philippines (PHT), Malaysia (MYT), and Singapore (SGT), and then 3pm in Korea (KST) and Japan (JST), and 4pm in Sydney, Australia (AEST).

Before the Grand Final, there's a Lower Bracket Final to decide the second team making it through.

That game represents a potential difference in total team winnings of 39.5%, over US $13m, should the Lower Bracket winner pull off an underdog upset to then become World Champion.

It's also on August 25, starting at 10am CST, PHT, MYT and SGT. International viewers will want to tune in for start times of 7pm PDT and 10pm EDT on the 24th, and then 3am BST, 4am CEST and SAST, 7.30am IST, 11am KST and JST, and 12 noon AEST.

A full schedule can be found at