Want to try unique recipes of 'samosa'? These will help

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Want to try unique recipes of
Want to try unique recipes of

26 Sep 2021: Want to try unique recipes of 'samosa'? These will help

Food is something that never stops evolving. We love to experiment with different ingredients and come up with a unique dish. Today, in this article, we will discuss some different ways in which we can make samosa, the favorite buddy of a hot cup of tea. Some recipes are easy, while some are tough, but the end product of all will be tasty.

Italian style: Italian style 'samosas' are pretty easy to make

Pizza, pasta, and cheese are commonly available Italian foods. But ever heard of Italian samosas made using them? For pasta samosa, use white or red sauce and fill the samosa with the pasta. Ensure the pasta is dried up before the filling is done. Make pizza samosa with common pizza ingredients such as corn, olives, jalapenos, and beans in Alfredo sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Non-veg 'samosa': 'Keema samosa' or fish 'samosa' for non-veg lovers

Juicy chicken or mutton keema with ghee and rich spices are eternal favorites. The way they melt inside the mouth is the ultimate enjoyment we should aim for! Cook keema with spices of your choice, stuff it in samosa, and deep-fry in oil till it turns brown. Try a similar variety with fish cooked in coastal region style. Have these with tomato sauce dip.

Sweet 'samosa': Have you ever tasted a sweet 'samosa'?

It sounds weird, but you can try a sweet samosa with khoya mixed with chopped dry fruits and bathed in sugar syrup. Fill this in the samosa and fry in hot oil. Likewise, you can use smashed pastry to make a samosa. Although it is a task, children actually lap it up! It is time taking, so better try this recipe on a holiday.

Mango 'samosa': Try making 'samosa' with mangoes and impress your guests

Mango samosa is next in line. For preparing this, finely chop ginger and fresh mangoes and mix with a pinch of cinnamon powder. Remember not to mash the mangoes in the mixture. While making samosa wraps with maida flour, add sugar. Now fill the mango-ginger mixture in the wrap. Fry the samosas in the oil till they turn golden brown. Enjoy them with dips.

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