Want the outer space in your room? Some DIY tips

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Want the outer space in your room? Some DIY tips
Want the outer space in your room? Some DIY tips

05 Sep 2021: Want the outer space in your room? Some DIY tips

Outer space keeps us intrigued, isn't it? The gorgeous milky way, the beautiful galaxies, the shiny bright stars, and planets—so many facets yet so composite! Now, isn't it a titillating thought to have that inside your rooms? And, there are ample tricks to make it happen. Here are some very simple DIYs you can try and bring outer space right into your house.

#1: Start with this: A space-themed light fixture

Start with a galaxy-themed DIY light fixture. For this, spray paint a hula hoop black. Then attach fairy lights to it using black tape. After that, take small pieces of sheer cloth in the colors of blue, violet, green, pink, and purple and tie their upper end at the hoop. Once the circumference of the hoop is covered with cloth pieces, you're all done!

#2: Galaxy themed painting: Cool and easy DIY tip

This is a very cool and easy DIY project that everyone can do. Just paint a big canvas black and you're already halfway through the DIY project. After that, fill a spray bottle with different colors of the milky way and spray over the canvas. This will create a galaxy-type painting, which you can easily hang as an accent piece in your home.

#3: Glow in dark stars: Take a friend's help for sure

This is another very simple DIY project that will surely give an outer space feel. Cut as many stars as possible in different sizes and color them with radium paint, the one that glows in dark. Ask your friends to help you with this. After you're done, install them carefully on the entire ceiling. Switch off the lights and voila! The space is yours.

#4: Chart paper and compass for the moon phases

Admit it, the moon brings out the romantic side inside us. Get that feeling always by decorating your room with its different phases. For this, draw circles on chart paper using a compass. Cut out different phases of the moon. Now crumple a foil paper. Cover the cut-outs with foil and use glue for a strong hold. Finally, hang them in your favorite location.

#5: Space inspired table piece: Can be a stress-buster too

You can also make a space-themed table piece. You need mineral oil, silver and blue glitters, stars, a small transparent container, and blue food coloring. Fill the container with mineral oil and add some drops of blue food coloring. Now put in the glitter, the stars into the container, one by one. Secure the lid and shake it. Your table piece-cum-stress buster is ready!

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