Wang Junkai excited to meet Jay Chou

19 Jun - There is nothing more exciting than having your idol acknowledge your talent, and that must have been what TFBoys' Wang Junkai felt when he found out that his music idol Jay Chou has been watching him for a while.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the 17-year-old recently appeared on a show to give his solo performance - the first ever following the previous short break to focus on his college entrance examination - and was ecstatic to be able to share the stage with Jay.

After sharing a big hug, Wang shared that he has always been a big fan of the Taiwanese superstar, and that he grew up listening to his songs. He also revealed to Jay that he even went to his concert prior to the college entrance exam.

To that, Jay responded by singing praises for the singer, saying that he was amazed by Wang's talent despite only being 17.

He then added, "Actually, I have been watching and following [your development] secretly", much to Wang's delight.

Fans who saw the show quickly congratulated Wang for the opportunity to meet and be praised by his idol.

(Photo Source: Wang Junkai Weibo)