Wang Junkai's grandfather wants him to be a doctor

14 Jan – By now, everyone who is following the Chinese idol pop scene would already know about TFBOYS and its most popular member Wang Junkai, also known as Karry Wang.

But tell that to the singer's own grandfather, who doesn't seem to know that his 18-year-old grandson is a famous name in music.

Wang, who is currently a student of the Beijing Film Academy, shared that prior to his enrolment; he told his grandfather that he was going to take the college entrance examination.

"My grandfather told me to do my best and that I should apply into a medical school so I could get a good job," he said.

Wang said that it is possible that his grandfather doesn't know much about his music career and his involvement in TFBOYS.

"But I wanted to make him happy, so I just said 'Okay, I'll go, I'll go'," he said, adding that nobody in his family had went to college before him.

(Photo Source: Wang Junkai Weibo)