Vivian Hsu won't do horror movies again

5 Dec – Although her performance in "The Tag-Along: Devil Fish" received praises from many, Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu stated that she has no plans to take on another horror project in the future.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at the premiere of the said movie in Hong Kong recently, said that filming the movie has made her physically and mentally tired, thus she will not be doing it again.

"But my husband [Sean Lee] really loves horror movies. He has already watched "Tag-Along" twice," she said.

As to whether she would do it again if her husband asked, Vivian said that horror is not the only thing Sean likes.

Vivian also revealed that she will not bring son Dalton to watch the movie as the story would be t0oo terrifying for him.

"He would need to wait another 12 years before he could watch the movie. But I hope that I will get to provide my voice for an animate film or something like that so that I can take him to the premiere," she said.

When asked about rumours that she has returned to showbiz to help her husband's business, Vivian said that she has always been a career-oriented person.

"I feel that a woman needed to be a little more balanced. She should not give up everything after marriage. She should have family, career, friends to be able to achieve balance," said the actress.