Vivian Hsu says difficulties strengthens love for husband

8 Feb – Taiwanese singer-actress Vivian Hsu admitted that she found herself admiring her husband Sean Li even more after witnessing his determination in overcoming his company's financial difficulties recently.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who spoke about her husband's success in dealing with the issues faced by his logistic company Marco Polo Marine, stated, "It's very easy to give up when you're having difficulties. Along the way, you've witnessed his efforts, his strength, and his stubbornness."

"But what the outsiders can't see is the fragility. I was very distressed. But I told him that he should do his best, and take good care of his health," she added.

Vivian said that seeing her husband's perseverance made her adore him even more.

"Sometimes, such a dilemma can strengthen our feelings and make it even more profound," she said.

The actress stated that while all that was going on, she played her part as a good wife - taking care of the chores and the household, so that her husband can concentrate more on dealing with his business.

She also recently expressed her love for him on social media, posting, "Working together and enjoying life with each other, it is the best gift for our fourth anniversary. Maturity doesn't come with an age, but it's when you can still smile despite the tears in your eyes."

(Photo source: Vivian Hsu Facebook)