Vivian Hsu is coping with the loss of her father

13 Mar – Vivian Hsu recently assured everyone that she is doing well now in coping with the loss of her father, who passed away in January at the age of 64.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress who sat down with ELLE Taiwan recently, shared, "The mood is better now, but sometimes I do tear up whenever I think of the moments with my dad and how much I miss him."

However, Vivian said that whenever the sadness overwhelms her, she would quickly change it to her "Iron V" mode and think of the positive things.

"We should spend more time with our family and live every day without regrets," she added.

Vivian said that the thing that made her so sad about his passing is that she wanted to have more time with him.

"I wanted my dad to live to be 70, so that [my son] Dalton would remember everything about his grandfather. Dalton was only two [when he died]," said Vivian, adding that she would let him watch videos of his grandfather every day in hopes that her son won't forget him.

When asked about her father's greatest influence on her life, Vivian responded, "filial piety".

"This two words affects me greatly, and I used it in finding my life partner and [I hope to] instill it in my children," she said.

(Photo source: Vivian Hsu Instagram)