It’s Virgo season! Here’s who to avoid (and hang out with)

Whatever your sign, here are three people to avoid (and three more to be around) while Virgo season and its energy is all around us.

Leo season is finally over! Gone is the aggressive, dominant, masculine energy in the air. With the arrival of the Big V, we can (hopefully) attain a bit more stability and structure in our lives.

While Virgo is the sign of practicality and desire for perfection, it can be stressful to maintain a logical and put-together front at all times during this season, especially if there are certain not-so-good influences and actors around you.

To maximise the use of the Earth sign’s systematic approach to life, it is crucial to set your own healthy boundaries. So here are the types of people you should avoid (and surround yourself with!) this month — at least until Libra season hits.

People to avoid this Virgo season

The Aggressor

This macho bunch had all the glory last month, bossing people around and getting their way. Not anymore. Channel this season’s grounding energy into self-love practices. Prioritise your own schedules, opinions and feelings. Say no to peer pressure, manipulative bitches and competitive attitudes. If your friends cannot respect your new-found self-care routine, they probably aren’t worthy of your time anyways.

The Social Butterfly

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With the Mid-Autumn long weekend around the corner, there are bound to be event invites coming your way. While I love a good playlist and an excuse to dress up, it can be easy to overcommit to too many social events and find yourself overwhelmed at the end of the day. Communicate clear boundaries with the extroverts in your group, schedule in self-pampering time and engage in meaningful conversations rather than mindless gossip (unless it’s really juicy).

The Flake

This period is all about scheduling in advance and setting routines. If someone has a track record of not showing up or rescheduling last minute, don’t waste a slot for them on your calendar. This goes the same for any toxic relationships or f*ckbois / f*ckgirls you’re into. If they’re ghosting you or standing you up, they’re probably not that into you anyways.

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…And three others worth your time

The Academic

It is true that they say you are the average of your five closest friends. Now that the stars have aligned to push us to become better versions of ourselves, why not surround ourselves with knowledgable, academically inclined individuals? Engage in meaningful conversations, talk about your goals and dreams, take up that half-finished book stuffed on your shelf and sign up for the pottery class you saved on Instagram.

The “Monica”

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For anyone who binged Friends ten plus times, you’ll be familiar with The Monica. She is energetic, always eager to help, a loyal friend to guide others through irrational times and just a little bit obsessive (when the rest of us occasionally forgot the coaster). With this caring, almost-maternal energy around, we will feel safe to express our needs and go on adventures and get the right amount of nudge to be our disciplined self.

The Yogi

Who wouldn’t want a calming presence in their lives? During these days, you might find yourself unsettled, trying to perfect every little thing to match your unrealistically high standards, it is especially useful to have a friend around you to remind you to slow down, breathe, not take everything too seriously and go with the flow. Namaste, and all that.

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