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Sunday 31, May

With the Moon leaving your sign and heading into your financial zone today, money is on your mind for the next few days. If this has been a sore subject in the last few months, use this time to tune into the way you'd really like to earn cash. What would be most meaningful for you in these strange new times we're living through?

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Saturday 30, May

The Moon remains in your stars, making you the sign of the moment, but there's a bit of cosmic twist today. Both Venus and Neptune are in challenging angles to the lunar energy, so you might feel a bit off, slightly frustrated, or just plain confused about what you want to do next.

Friday 29, May

The Moon moves into your very own stars today, revving your cosmic engine and bringing you back to your monthly peak. If your energy has been low or you've succumbed to any melancholy in recent weeks or months, this is a lovely pick-me-up that you deserve. If your ego needs a bit of stroking, don't reject the attention.

Thursday 28, May

Your ruling planet switches from Gemini to Cancer today, bringing a major change in your thinking pattern for the next few months. This is a more important sign-change than usual thanks to the retrograde that will begin in mid-June. Mercury will spend quite a long time in your social zone - it's your major focus during the next few months.

Wednesday 27, May

The Moon is hovering in your dream zone for the next few days, so indulge in some inwardly-focused time to yourself, Virgo. You're often caught up in being in service to others, whether that's your family, your co-workers, or your neighbors. Take a few moments to honor your own needs and desires without being beholden to anyone else.

Tuesday 26, May

Your ruler Mercury is in a bit of a row with Jupiter today, pitting your optimism against your tendency to be the most realistic person in the room. Part of you really wants to believe in something magical, but your rational side is having none of it. Meet somewhere in the middle, Virgo.

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