'Virgin River' Fans Are Reeling Over One Character's Season 5 Portrayal

paige and preacher in virgin river
Does Paige Come Back to 'Virgin River'?Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Virgin River is finally back with its fifth season, and the Netflix show is not pulling any emotional punches. Fans who have already binged the series have strong thoughts, labeling it as "depressing" and "too difficult to enjoy." But the portrayal of one character in particular has viewers scratching their heads.

Paige Lassiter (Lexa Doig) joined the show in season 1 as a baker with a mysterious past and potential love interest for Preacher (Colin Lawrence). But she had to flee Virgin River after her ex-husband's twin brother Vince came after her. Season 5 picks up where season 4 left off, but Paige finally seems free from Vince after he's arrested by Mike (Marco Grazzini) and the charges against her are dropped. Preacher even tells her, "You don't have to run any more." Paige decides she needs (another) fresh start and takes her son Christopher and leaves town. And (spoiler alert) that's the last we see of Paige.

The show's official Instagram account showed a photo of the cast with the caption, "Hope ya’ll are enjoying season 5 part 1 so far!" Fans did not hold back in the comments.

  • "why did paige have to leave?? preacher deserves her:(."

  • "what was the point of the whole build up between paige/Christopher and preacher for it to fizz out in episode 1"

  • "I was hoping to see Paige and Preacher be together"

  • "Make paige come back she is more gentle for preacher"

Paige does not make an appearance after the first episode of season 5, and Preacher has moved on with a new love interest in firefighter Kaia (Kandyse McClure). But there is a bit of hope that she'll be back. At the end of the season, Kaia receives a call that a body was found in the aftermath of the wildfire. Could it be Paige's abusive ex, Wes? Preacher helped Paige bury the body, but if he becomes a suspect, that might draw Paige back to Virgin River. Fans will have to wait to see how the story unfolds when season 5 returns for part 2 on November 30.

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