'Virgin River' Fans Demand Answers After Netflix Show's Latest Instagram Post

virgin river mel and jack
'Virgin River' Fans Demand Answers After New VideoCourtesy of Netflix © 2023

Virgin River fans, the wait is almost over! Season 5 officially hits Netflix on September 7, and we cannot wait to find out the answers to all of our burning questions left from season 4. The show shared a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram that asked fans for their season 5 predictions, and they had lots of thoughts!

Netflix shared a silly clip of star Martin Henderson dancing to "The Final Countdown" while co-star Alexandra Breckenridge looks on laughing. The caption teased the season 5 premiere and asked, "Predictions? Let us know in the comments below!" Fans of the show did not hold back.

The post got more than 1,300 comments. Some offered sweet responses like, "I predict chills, goosebumps and hearts melting ❤️" But most wanted the answer to one burning question: Who is the father of Charmaine's babies? They left comments like "I need to know who Charmaine's twins belong to!!" and "This season is the fire. I need to know who the father of Charmaine’s babies is! 👶🏼"

If you simply can't wait, you can watch the first 11 minutes of the season now on Tudum, the Netflix fan site. The show picks up right where season 4 ended and gets off to an intense start immediately, with an arrest, a discussion between Mel and Jack about Charmaine, and a romantic moment between Brady and Brie.

The first 10 episodes air on Netflix on September 7, followed by two special holiday-themed episodes on November 30. Hopefully, all of our burning questions will be resolved!

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