Virgil Abloh: 'Working for a fashion house felt like an impossible dream'

Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton's Virgil Abloh never thought he'd be designing for a prestigious fashion house because of his upbringing.

The 39-year-old entered the world of international fashion with an internship at Fendi in 2009 before going on to found his own label Off-White in 2013 and become the artistic director of Louis Vuitton's menswear department in March 2018.

But in an interview with Dazed, the designer admitted he never thought he would work for a luxury fashion house.

"To come from designing a graphic T-shirt in 2012 to making it to a house to design a collection... As a young black kid from Rockford, Illinois, from immigrant parents from Ghana, West Africa, that was like, impossible, you know?" he recalled. "Like, categorically not gonna happen in a lifetime. I thought that fashion was one of those industries that would reinforce people feeling that 'This isn't for you', 'If you don't have this shirt, you're not in the club.'"

After his debut fashion show for Louis Vuitton in June 2018, Abloh posted a picture of himself taking his final bow on Instagram and wrote in the caption, "You can do it too."

Accordingly, he explained in the chat that he wanted to inspire others to reach for seemingly impossible dreams too.

And the fashion star considers that show to be one of the most fulfilling moments of his career because he could use the Louis Vuitton platform to express himself.

"To me it was about making like an art piece of fashion, using the megaphone that is Louis Vuitton, one of the oldest brands in Paris, to have the first models that came out, look like me, dressed in all white on a prism coloured runway show in daylight," Abloh continued. "I wanted to make a statement and use the clothes to power that and I feel fulfilled that that body of work came out the way it did and when it did."

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