What is the viral TikTok ‘girl math’ trend all about? Here’s a few examples

From #thatgirl to girl dinners and now girl math, what is the latest viral TikTok trend all about?

With TikTok becoming one of the most globally downloaded apps in 2021, the platform has given rise to numerous trends. One of the many categories is the girl trends, such as the clean girl aesthetic, #thatgirl, rat girl, pick me girl, and girl dinners. However, a new viral sensation that recently emerged is girl math. What is girl math? Keep on reading to find out. 

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What is the viral TikTok girl math trend all about?

Coined by the New Zealand Radio Show hosts Fletch, Vaughan & Hayley, girl math is a way of justifying a purchase. It’s a “calculative method” that some women use for their shopping expenses. Men could also use girl math, but the term is mainly associated with females. Girl math basically validates a person’s spending by seeing the number of times a product will be used and the investment value of the goods towards one’s happiness and well-being. Therefore, it’s important to note that girl math is not recognised as an actual term in maths or any academic field.

What are some examples of girl math?

Example 1: If you buy a purse for $300 but use it every day, that’s less than a dollar a day. 

Girl math: If you think about it, that’s not expensive and is a steal compared to buying a $50 product that you’ll only use once. So, that purse is actually an investment. 


Example 2: Using cash is basically free.

Girl math: It’s free because cash is not real money, and the money in your bank account isn’t decreasing.

Example 3: Buying that Taylor Swift concert ticket a year before the actual concert date. 

Girl math: It’s free because you didn’t spend your money this year. Plus, you get to see your favourite artist. 


Example 4: Buying a $40 dress that was originally $70.

Girl math: You’re actually making a $30 profit. 


Example 5: Going for a girl’s night out, someone gets you free drinks or entry.

Girl math: You actually made money because of the free things you got the night before, meaning you can spend more the next day. 


Example 6: Paying for a $40/hour workout class is an investment in your mental health. 

Girl math: The workout class is cheaper than therapy. If therapy costs around $150 or more per hour, taking 4 workout classes weekly is a bang for your buck as it’s only $160. And you get to release endorphins, which equals happiness. Plus, a banging body on top. 

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