Couple Who Rode MRT To Their Wedding 28 Years Ago Reenact Their Train Ride

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Singaporeans took a quick nostalgic trip to decades ago as a married couple reenacted the scene of them taking the MRT to their wedding 28 years ago. 

As part of the new exhibition Home, Truly: Growing Up With Singapore, 1950s To The Present by the National Museum of Singapore with other personal moments that local residents have shared, this particular memory got its own contemporary version. 

Reminiscing About The Past: Couple Take The Same Train Ride They Took On Their Wedding Day

reminiscing about the past
reminiscing about the past

Image Source: Facebook / National Museum of Singapore

It was on 7 November, 1987, when Mr. Chan Kian Guan and Ms. Judy Aw took the MRT on the way to the wedding venue along with their family and friends. 

For a bit of a sweet throwback, the couple reenacted the photo while bringing along a small bouquet to commemorate that very train ride they had on their wedding day. Their photo was first published in The Straits Times on 9 August 2015 for SG 50. 

“For us, it was a new start. For the (MRT) train, a brand new day. Somebody commented – it’s a rolling start!” Mr. Chan said in the commemorative issue of The Straits Times article. 

During that time, the construction of the MRT system was just in its beginnings as it was constructed in 1983 and the first phase of its operation started in 1987 between Toa Payoh and Yio Chu Kang. 

After the National Museum of Singapore posted the nostalgic wedding day reenactment, locals poured in under the Facebook post to express their congratulations to the couple as well as reminiscing about the past.  

Reminiscing About The Past Can Strengthen Your Bond

reminiscing about the past
reminiscing about the past

Image courtesy: Stock image

During the month of love, the couple has certainly set new #relationshipgoals for everybody watching. Reminiscing about the past, is a great bonding exercise for any couple.

And if you’re looking to revive that spark in your relationship, here are a few ideas for you to try: 

  • Revisiting special places together: Go back to the places you visited when you first started dating. This will enable you to reminisce those beautiful memories you made together. From parks to cinema halls, from ice cream joints to your college. Aah! The joy of going back to where it was when you first started. 

  • Recreating special moments: Whether it’s recreating your vows or a special moment you shared together, just as this couple did, recreating special moments can bring joy and keep that spark alive.

  • Reminding each other of the special days: Think about all those special days in your life. When did you first meet each other? Which date did you marry each other? What did you do on your anniversary? The memories you made on these special days will last you a lifetime. 

  • Take a page from happy couple’s playbook: Use laughter and pride to talk about all the challenges you both overcame. After all, you made memories from events that didn’t go as planned, too. 

  • Plan your future based on these special moments: Reminiscing about the past is not just re-looking at old photographs. It’s also an opportunity to plan ahead. You can take a leaf out of your life and make a day of it by planning what you may do on your next special occasion. 

Reminiscing about the past not just gives couples an opportunity to reflect on what has been, but it’s also a great way to think about what you can do in the future.

Lead image source from Facebook / National Museum of Singapore


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