Viola Davis feels more ‘girlish’ in her fifties

Viola Davis

Viola Davis feels more “girlish” now she's in her fifties.

The Oscar-winning actress opened up about her beauty regime in an interview with InStyle magazine, revealing that she now loves to try many different products, whereas she didn’t when she was younger.

"I’m completely into everything from undereye moisturiser to all shades of lipstick, which is surprising because I never used any products in my twenties," Viola explained. "Now I have about 30 bottles of perfume alone; each one is for a different occasion... I feel more girlish and buoyant in my fifties than I ever have before. I’ve released my inner woman!"

The Widows star, who embraces her natural hair on the red carpet, shared that showcasing her Afro hair at the Oscars in 2012 helped her to finally become confident with her looks.

"I’m at a period where I want to step into who I am. I’ve spent too long not feeling pretty or feminine enough – not feeling enough," she said. "And part of that was about my hair! Like any fear in life, I had to deal with it. So when I was nominated for The Help in 2012, I walked down the Oscars red carpet, one of the most public events known to mankind, with my natural hair."

Although, the 54-year-old did confess that she is still tempted by wigs.

"It’s been great, though I do have my moments. I have good days and bad days. But mostly good days. Sometimes I put a wig on; sometimes I take it off..." she shared.

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