What vinyls will you be able to buy during Record Store Day?

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Tracks by The Clash, Lou Reed, Notorious B.I.G, The Cure, Prince and Bob Dylan will be available on Record Store Day 2021.

Music lovers are looking forward to the 2021 edition of Record Store Day, which will be held on June 12 and July 17. On this occasion, they will be able to discover a selection of 200 vinyl records, including reissues, collector's editions and 45s and 33s. Here is an overview of some of the nuggets you'll be able to procure.

This new edition of Record Store Day takes on a special importance for record stores. And for good reason, vinyl was particularly popular in 2020. In the United States, sales of the famous black vinyls reached 619.6 million dollars last year, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. The same is true in the UK, where nearly 5 million vinyl records were sold in 2020, according to the British Phonographic Industry.

The organizers of Record Store Day intend to take advantage of vinyl's surge in popularity by offering a selection of unreleased records, live performances, reissues and collector's editions for the 2021 edition of the event. Music lovers will be able to get their hands on records by the Clash, Lou Reed, Notorious B.I.G, The Cure, Prince, Bob Dylan, Ariana Grande and Joni Mitchell.

On June 12, they will also be able to discover a special 50th anniversary edition of the Rolling Stones' "Hot Rocks" compilation, as well as a reissue of the American band Wipers' second album, "Youth of America", for the 40th anniversary of its release. Another gem: "Angel Dream (Songs and Music from the Motion Picture She's the One)" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. This vinyl "reimagines" the soundtrack of the movie "She's the One" for its 25th anniversary, and includes four unreleased tracks.

Music lovers will have to wait until July 17 to try to acquire titles from Pearl Jam, Aretha Franklin, AC/DC, The Allman Brothers Band, Björk and Miles Davis. The complete list of all the vinyls featured during the 21st edition of Disquaire Day is available on the official site .

Caroline Drzewinski