Vincent Wong would love to work with Kara Hui, Philip Keung

10 Mar – TVB actor Vincent Wong recently stated that he is unsure of the details of his upcoming series with TVB that reportedly will also star "The Defected" actress Kara Hui.

As reported on HK01, the actor who was rumoured to be part of the cast of the new drama, which will supposedly reunite Kara and her aforementioned drama co-star Philip Keung, stated that he is unsure himself whether or not he will be able to do the drama - which reportedly will begin filming in late April.

"I am currently filming "Legal Mavericks 2", so I am not sure whether the two schedules will clash with one another, so I can't answer this question for sure," he said.

However, Vincent stated that he would look forward to the project if there is truth to rumours that Kara and Philip will be starring in it.

The upcoming project reportedly will revolve around a detective investigating cases involving various mental health issues.

(Photo Source: Vincent Wong Instagram)