Vin Abrenica is tired being compared to his brother

12 Oct - Actor Vin Abrenica admitted that it hasn't been easy being compared with brother, Aljur Abrenica throughout his life, especially when it comes to their acting careers.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actor who appeared on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" recently, spoke about the siblings rivalry between them and how he is used to being compared to his older brother even while they were growing up.

"It's normal for me, since I was born. I've heard comments like "your brother is kinder to you than you are", or "You're not listening as much as your brother"," he said.

However, he began to get tired of hearing it after joining showbiz, especially when his brother got famous years before he joined.

"It's one thing if you're being compared by the family. It's another when all the articles about you is about you and your brother," he said, adding, "My name is Vin, and I exist."

However, the younger Abrenica stressed that he still very much loves his brother and is grateful for Aljur's support for his dreams.

(Photo source: Vin Abrenica Instagram)