The Villainess: Watch the ultra-violent NFSW opening scene from Cannes-pleasing Korean thriller (exclusive)

‘The Villainess’ arrives in UK cinemas on 15 September following its debut in one of the Cannes Film Festival’s coveted Midnight Screening slots earlier this year, where it was hailed with a 4-minute standing ovation. We also named ‘The Villainess’ one of autumn’s most anticipated original films.

Directed by Byung-gil Jung (‘Confession of Murder’), ‘The Villainess’ is a Korean action vengeance thriller in the vein of ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Nikita’, and it tells the story of a female assassin, trained to kill from a very early age.

The film opens with a stunning action sequence shot entirely from the protagonist’s POV (point of view), and we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek at that mind-blowing opener in all its blood-soaked glory.

Warning: It’s not for the feint of heart. Watch it above.

‘The Villainess’ UK Quad (Arrow Films)

Here’s the official blurb, courtesy of Arrow Films: Trained killer Sook-hee (Kim Ok-bin) is the architect of an unforgettable opening sequence, breathtakingly shot from a first person point-of-view, as she breaks into a warehouse and lays waste to the multitude of thugs contained within. When the pregnant young woman eventually goes down, she’s picked up by the mysterious National Intelligence Service.

Given the choice to join them or die, she reluctantly accepts a new identity and trains in order to complete a future assignment and eventually win freedom for herself and her daughter. Matters are further complicated by the feelings arising from the murder of her father, a past relationship with a gang-boss ex-lover and the tantalising chance at a happy future offered by an undercover agent with a mission to win her affections…

‘The Villainess’ will be released to UK cinemas and Digital HD on September 15, 2017. Watch a trailer below.

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