Vietnamese Martial Arts Teacher Mercilessly Hits Wife With Baby In Arms


A video of a wife being hit by husband while carrying a baby has shocked netizens.

It has now emerged that the husband had rained blows on her for moving the TV to another room.

Video shows wife being hit by husband while carrying baby

The video it seems, was uploaded by the victim, 27-year-old Vietnamese newsreader Vu Thi Thu Ly, on Aug. 27, 2019,

In the video, we see the victim and her husband arguing about something, with the victim holding her baby. There is another lady and child in the house too.

At one point, things get nasty, and the husband, 32-year-old martial arts teacher Nguyen Xuan Vinh, gets physical. He is seen punching his wife until she falls down on the floor. With the baby still in her arms.

hit by husband


Meanwhile, the other woman comes to her aid. But things don’t cool down, they continue to get worse. 

The hitting continues, and at one point, the man even kicks the wife’s head. All while she is still carrying her baby.

And all this, apparently because she moved the TV to another room.

In spite of the video going viral, the husband hasn’t been arrested. According to news reports, the victim, who is a well-known newsreader, later received treatment in the hospital.

Meanwhile, here is the video of the incident [WARNING: It is not an easy watch]

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AWARE (Helpline – 1800 777 5555 (Mon–Fri, 3 pm– 9.30 pm))

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