"Victor Magtanggol" creator denies copying "Thor"

11 Jul – Jules Katanyag, the concept creator for Alden Richards' upcoming fantasy series, "Victor Magtanggol", has recently denied allegations that the series is plagiarising the Marvel universe superhero "Thor".

As reported on PEP, Katanyag recently addressed the issue, which sparked after netizens saw the similarities between Richards' character and the superhero played by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, saying that the two only drew from the source material - the Norse mythology, adding that the mythology itself is public domain.

A fan of myths himself, Katanyag said that he was happy to be given the opportunity to present his version of the mythology when asked by the Kapuso network.

"Since Victor Magtanggol and Marvel's Thor draws from the same source material, the names and terms are the same but the similarities end there. One glaring difference is that Marvel's Thor tells the story of the God of Thunder, an inter-dimensional being, which came to earth to fight supervillains threatening the universe. Victor Magtanggol tells the story of what happened after the events of Ragnarok where Thor is already dead."

"Victor Magtanggol is a true Filipino character, who loves his country and family, and reflects our virtue of resilience and capacity to sacrifice for the things that we love," he added.

In the drama, Richards plays the titular character who "battles monsters and form alliances with Norse gods in order to protect the things that he loves from the schemes of Loki who seeks to reduce the world back into chaos."

(Photo Source: GMA Network)