Veteran actor Leung Tin passes away

25 Mar – Veteran actor and producer Leung Tin has recently passed away.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who is known to be one of the few who comes from the first generation of television actors, died of an illness in a hospital in Hong Kong.

It was earlier rumoured that he had been suffering from severe dementia.

Leung Tin started working in TVB in the 1960s, back when television was still in black and white. He later got behind the scenes and directed a couple of series.

It was also reported that Leung was the one who suggested the opening of the TVB training academy due to the lack of actors in television - the same academy that has produced stars like Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, and Tony Leung.

He later moved to ATV before fading out from the industry, occasionally appearing in films and dramas in guest roles.

He was 87.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)