The vehicle built to reach inaccessible places, on Earth or further afield!

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The Hyundai TIGER X-1 is designed to cover remote and inaccessible terrain.

Automaker Hyundai has unveiled a new kind of uncrewed vehicle concept, which can be controlled remotely, capable of exploring remote and inaccessible terrain on Earth or further afield, on other planets.

The concept is called TIGER, which stands for "transforming intelligent ground excursion robot." This robotic vehicle is designed to explore remote and difficult-to-access terrain. It is billed as a kind of mobile scientific exploration platform based on the modular architecture previously seen in the Elevate concept -- a first series of vehicles also able to cruise over all kinds of obstacles, revealed in recent years by Hyundai. TIGER is the logical evolution of the concept, although unlike Elevate, it is not designed to carry passengers.

The first vehicle in this new family of prototypes is the TIGER X-1, which boasts a very lightweight and highly resistant structure, made for tackling any kind of environment -- even the most hostile. This TIGER robot features 360-degree directional control, and its legs and wheels allow it to operate as a four-wheel drive vehicle or a four-legged walking machine, to climb over or get past all kinds of obstacles while remaining stable. It is equipped with a series of sensors to analyze the surrounding environment and features a compartment for transporting equipment, supplies or even aid in emergency situations.

On Earth, the vehicle can be positioned (and recovered) in the most remote locations using a custom drone. On other planets, it could be released like any other rover.

Check out the Hyundai Tiger in this video: