I’ve Been Using This Light Therapy Lamp for 2 Winters Now, and It Improves My SAD

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Save this Daylight Savings hack for later.

<p>Real Simple / Madison Woiten</p>

Real Simple / Madison Woiten

There are so many things I love about this time of year, like the foliage changing and of course, as a shopping writer, all the comfy, cozy clothing deals I get to write about. But while fleece-lined leggings and knitted sweaters can keep you warm as the seasons change, I’d rather talk about mental health, which I know can take a beating during the colder, darker months. I’ve long-struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), so the most honest recommendation I can give you is to invest in a light therapy lamp, and now that Daylight Savings Time is here, it’s the perfect opportunity.

Throughout my years of living through cold, East Coast winters, I’ve heard plenty of advice (both professional and anecdotal) about how to cope. Get a heated throw blanket, bundle up in something cozy, and take vitamin D supplements if you’re feeling blue. But all of these methods are reactive, which I’ve since learned is not enough. For me, my mental health feels stronger and more solid when I focus on preventing depression, which is why regularly using my SAD light therapy lamp is key. I break out the Verilux Happy Light Lucent One-Touch Light Therapy Lamp during fall Daylight Savings Time, and I keep using it well into the month of May.

I’m so excited to see it’s been marked down to only $40 right now at Amazon.

Verilux Happy Light Lucent One-Touch Light Therapy Lamp





This SAD lamp keeps things super simple, so there is only one button. Press the on/off button to deliver instant sunshine: up to 10,000 lux of UV-free, LED full-spectrum light, according to Verilux. That’s how easy it is. I’ve tried out some other lamps before, and while it’s nice to have different shading, lighting, and brightness options, it can also get overwhelming, especially for beginners. If you’re new to SAD light therapy, this one is the ultimate starter lamp as it’s no-fuss, but also effective.

The light never flickers or has a glare, and it distributes the light evenly for the most effective results possible. I keep it next to my computer, where it’s available at all times, and I can literally feel it working as it projects onto me while I type. When it’s on, it’s easier to focus, it physically brightens up the room and my vision, and I feel less drowsy.

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It takes about two weeks of consistent use for the longer-term effects to kick in. When I stick to about an hour of light at 10,000 lux each weekday morning for two weeks (I take weekends off, usually), then I notice a significant increase in mood, sleep, and energy. But that consistency is really key, because if I fall out of that routine, it’s harder to get back into it and it’s harder to tell if it’s really working or not. That number might be different for everyone, but most mental health experts recommend anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours of 10,000 lux light therapy per day.

I haven’t traveled with it yet, but I love that it’s small enough for convenient portability. It comes on a customizable stand, too, so it’s easy to prop up when you need it, then “disassemble” it when you don’t, which means it can easily fit in a carry-on. You can use it either horizontally or vertically, too, so there really is no “wrong” way to use it. Turn it on while you’re working, doing makeup, reading, or watching a movie. You can accomplish whatever you need to do, all while stimulating the production of hormones like melatonin (for sleep) and serotonin (for mood).

Now on sale for just $40, Daylight Savings is the perfect time to buy the Verilux Happy Light Lucent One-Touch Light Therapy Lamp for both your health, and your wallet. For more, these other light therapy devices as well.

Philips SmartSleep and Wake-Up Light





Veriluxe Happy Light Luxe





Lastar Light Therapy Lamp





Rsccleaner Light Therapy Lamp





Caromolly Light Therapy Lamp





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