VALORANT patch 2.08 adds new map Breeze, coach slots

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Riot Games has released the 2.08 patch for VALORANT on Wednesday (28 April), adding a new tropical-themed map called Breeze to the game as well as a new in-game coaching functionality to Tournament Mode Custom Games.

Breeze, teased last week by Riot, is arguably the most unique VALORANT map thus far, as it is set on a remote island in the Bermuda Triangle and is distinguished by its bright, playful, and colourful environment — a stark contrast to the more gritty sceneries in the other maps that you would expect to be the setting of a firefight.

While serene beaches line the outskirts of Breeze, most of the inland areas of the map is actually dominated by an industrial area built into a colonial fort. A wide avenue cutting through the middle of the map will be where most of the action will take place, as it provides easy access to the Spike sites located to the northwest and east.

Also scattered throughout Breeze are wide open spaces as well as elevated walls and catwalks, providing players with a lot of opportunities for snipes and long-range encounters.

Breeze will also launch alongside its own exclusive Unrated queue that will remain active for two weeks.

The new map will not be available in the standard Unrated or Competitive queues during this two-week period, though it will still be playable in the standard queues for Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and Escalation as well as custom games.

Riot added the Breeze-only Unrated queue "for those who want to grind" the new map without penalising players' ratings as they feel it out and adjust to it. Breeze will be playable in all queues two weeks after its launch date.

Aside from the new map, the latest VALORANT patch also introduces a new coaching functionality to the game.

Coach slots have been added to Tournament Mode custom games, allowing coaches to spectate Tournament Mode games where they are locked to observing their team.

This new function only essentially allow coaches to examine their teams' play throughout a match for now, as they cannot use map pings, team chat, and voice chat in-game.

"We’re very excited to introduce Coach slots to Tournament Mode games! This is only the beginning of our work on Coaches, and while functionality will be limited to start, we have plans to expand the capabilities available to coaches during a match. We look forward to evolving the role of coaches and working on this feature in partnership with coaches from the [VALORANT Champions Tour] ecosystem," Riot said in the patch notes.

The latest patch also comes with a number of qualify-of-life changes, bug fixes, and additional Battle Pass content. For more information on VALORANT's 2.08 patch, check out the patch notes here.

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