For Valentine's Day, men spend more, but on the wrong gifts

A new US survey finds that on Valentine's Day, most men plan to shell out an average of $84.39 to romance their significant others. Women will spend an average of $48.13. That said, not many people get what they want when it comes to gifts.

According to a survey of more than 1,100 Americans from credit card comparison site, 65 percent men and women will take their date out to dinner, 38 percent will buy chocolates, and 37 percent will give flowers. Problem is, the gifts don't align with what people want, the survey suggests. Only 49 percent want to receive dinner, while 30 percent want chocolates and 20 percent want flowers.

However, only 8 percent plan to give gift cards, but 15 percent want to receive cards. Only 7 percent plan to offer electronics, but 20 percent want to receive electronics.

CreditDonkey researchers also found that only slightly more than half (58 percent) of Americans plan to celebrate St. Valentine's Day at all this year.

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