10 thoughtful ways to surprise a loved one on Valentine's Day

Planned anything for Valentine's Day yet? Read on for some ideas

It’s meant to be the most romantic day of the year, and with all the heart-shaped balloons and fancy chocolates now being sold in shops, you might be feeling the pressure to treat your loved ones and splash your cash.

However, you’d do well to remember that it’s really the little things that count.

If you’re looking for inspiration to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, here are ten thoughtful actions to make your loved one feel extra appreciated.

Cook breakfast in bed

What could be a better way to start the day? Try surprising your loved one with a special Valentine’s breakfast, perhaps with heart-shaped pancakes or fried eggs or even Valentine’s Day themed crockery or plates. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Get sticky

For some spontaneous fun, try leaving sticky notes around your house, or in certain places your partner likes to hang out, with romantic gestures, favourite memories, compliments or simply expressing why they’re such a special person to you.

Sticky notes are a quick and thoughtful way to brighten up someone's day

Plan a surprise trip away

This takes a little more effort and a larger budget, granted, but for those who really love surprises and have itchy feet, there’s nothing better. Whether it’s a night’s stay in a fancy hotel or a weekend break to a new city, it’ll be something to look forward to in the coming months.

Indulge in an at-home massage

Transform your home into a spa for the evening, then enjoy a couples’ massage. The best part is you can drift off to sleep right after as there’s no long commute home.

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Make a treasure hunt

If gift-giving is your love language, send him/her on a scavenger hunt dotted with trails of rose petals or handwritten clues to find their Valentine's Day gift.

Buy something meaningful

Typically flowers and chocolates are given on Valentine’s Day, which are lovely but slightly cliched. If you want to be extra thoughtful, go the extra mile and buy your loved one a gift which is meaningful and personal to them, such as gig tickets to see their favourite musician or something they’ve always wanted.

Try recreating your first, or your very favourite date

Recreate your first date

Rewind and feel nostalgic by throwing things back to where you first started falling for each other. Test each other’s memory by mimicking all the details as well, such as ordering the same food and drinks.

Have a romantic movie marathon

Sometimes you want nothing more than to collapse on the sofa at the end of a long day. You can still embrace Valentines’ Day by curating your own personal screening of your favourite rom-com films.

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Bake something delicious

If your loved one is a foodie, they’ll be thrilled to enjoy some home-baked treats, such as strawberry topped chocolate cupcakes, brownies or even mini-heart shaped pizzas.

Take a class together

Sharing new experiences with each other can be special, and if there’s something new you both want to try out, from cooking or climbing, to dance lessons or ice skating, then there’s no better time to take the plunge.