Vaccinated Mother Gives Birth To Girl Born With COVID-19 Antibodies

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A woman who was infected with COVID-19 during her pregnancy gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whose umbilical cord blood was found to contain its antibodies.

The mother, who is also a healthcare worker, received her first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at 36 weeks of pregnancy and it was during the time of delivery when doctor’s detected the antibodies.

Newborn Develops COVID-19 Antibodies After Maternal Vaccination

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The woman in question is from Florida and was part of a study that was examining maternal transmission of both influenza as well as tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (TDaP) antibodies to the foetus after being vaccinated during pregnancy.

After she gave birth, medical professionals examined the baby’s umbilical cord blood and found that it contained COVID-19 antibodies. The researchers shared that this could be linked to the mother receiving a dose of the vaccine during her pregnancy.

This case has provided hope that this method can protect newborn babies who are too young to be vaccinated. This protection can last for up to six months.

Although, whether transmitted through breastmilk or in utero via the umbilical cord, it is still unclear if COVID-19 antibodies will be enough in preventing acute coronavirus infections in newborns and older babies.

These antibodies may possibly provide some protection but infants and children may still need COVID-19 vaccination. Such as the routinely used vaccines like flu vaccines and DTaP.

Other Studies On Infants Developing COVID-19 Antibodies

vaccines while pregnant
vaccines while pregnant

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In another recent study reported by Forbes, it was found that breastfed infants demonstrated the presence of COVID-19 antibodies after consuming breastmilk from their vaccinated mothers.

Yet another research published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology earlier this year found that infected pregnant women give birth to babies who test positive for antibodies against the virus.

These studies raise the importance of vaccination of pregnant women since it’s also been found that developing acute COVID-19 infections during pregnancy could possibly increase the risk of developing complications such as fetal loss and maternal death.

Recently, Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE had also jumpstarted an international study on 4,000 volunteers in order to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of their vaccines in healthy pregnant women. Senior vice-president of vaccine clinical research and development for Pfizer, Dr William Gruber, has mentioned the results may be completed by the fourth quarter of 2021.


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