This Vacation Calculator Will Show You How Much You Need to Save for Your Next Trip

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And where you need to cut spending.

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Summer travel, and summer prices, are ramping up but booking site Kayak is helping travelers budget for a vacation.

Introducing the "Vacay Valuator," which allows travelers to see what they can give up in order to save for a much-needed getaway, and how much they’ll save by doing so. The calculator also accounts for everyday indulgences from coffee to dining out, alcohol, Netflix, buying new clothes, and more.

The calculator is computed using British pounds, but a Google search can convert the cost to U.S. dollars.

“We’ve launched the KAYAK Vacay Valuator to help you see how far you can go by making small adjustments to your everyday spending habits,” Kayak wrote as part of the project. “Based on the average costs of some everyday items you can choose what to save on and for how long. The Vacay Valuator then quickly shows you what flight routes are available for that proposed saving.”

To use the calculator, travelers can input how long they want to save up for a trip and choose what they’re willing to give up. Kayak will then show travelers potential vacation destinations on a map based on their savings.

Travelers can then adjust the budget and the type of vacation they are interested in from a city break to a beach trip, a family-friendly or romantic destination, and more.

The new feature is the latest trip calculator from Kayak. Earlier this year, the travel site helped Americans use their tax refunds to plan a vacation.

The new calculator is also being introduced as the cost of international flights has risen nearly 40 percent compared to last summer. In fact, summer airfare to both Europe and Asia costs as much as it has in five years.

There are still ways to save money, however, by doing things like considering less popular destinations, signing up for email alerts from tools like Google Flights to get early access to coupon codes, and considering a bundled vacation package.

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