Your UTI Is No Match for This Niche Manifestation TikTok Account

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Niche Manifestation TikToks Are Curing Your UTIGetty/Margie Rischiotto

The first niche manifestation that popped up on my TikTok FYP was for hassle-free package delivery. “My front doorstep is safe for packages I ordered online,” an ASMR-breathy voice reads as accompanying text scrolls over a still photo of a sunset adorned with animated sparkles. “The only people who notice my packages are me or the other members of my household. The universe wants me to keep my belongings.” And with almost 80K views and a chorus of “I claim” comments, it’s clear the video resonated.

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Deva Holliday, creator of @NicheManifestations, posts two or three hyper-specific video a day: manifestations for your cat to only vomit on hard surfaces, not your rug (26.4K views); for finding your vape (707K views); for swift recovery from a UTI (1.1M views). But while the Y2K-core photos (taken by Holliday herself) and Reductress-worthy text might make you think this is all a big cosmic joke, make no mistake—there’s a deep well of earnestness behind every manifestation for AC repair (155K views).

Holliday, an actress and comedian, tells Cosmopolitan that it all started with her friend’s speeding ticket. Holliday’s group of friends is all-in on manifestation—they even have a shared Notes page where they write down what they’re manifesting—and Holliday started searching for ways to ease her friend’s nerves. “I looked it up and I couldn't find a single manifestation for traffic court,” she says. “And then I realized, Wait, nobody is making niche manifestations. They're only doing broad ones for general things that people want, like love and financial success. But I use manifestations for tiny shit, like making sure that I have enough money to get a certain item or finding a parking spot.”

So Holliday made a “Manifestation for Traffic Court” video and posted it to TikTok. “It all started because there was a need, and also because it was funny,” she says. The traffic court manifestation didn’t take off, but Holliday was having fun, so she kept making the videos, posting sporadically. The package delivery video I saw on my FYP was the first to take off, and when Holliday brought the series to Instagram in the form of a manifestation for accurate call sheets, she even got a "like" from Sharon Stone.

The videos' vibes are recognizable to anyone who's wasted hours scrolling through #WitchTok—if you've ever watched a tarot reading or looked up astrology memes, then "save this sound" videos, instructional videos on techniques like the 369 manifestation method, and shoppable videos about manifestation journals have probably shown up on your FYP at least once or twice. The "manifestation" hashtag currently has 43.6 billion views, after all.

Holliday's videos stand out because of just how accurately she parodies the manifestation video genre—the kind of parody that can only come from someone who's deep in the space herself. But as much as Holliday wants to make you laugh at her videos, at the same time, she says that manifestation has helped her embrace a more positive, solutions-oriented point of view. She sees the videos as a way of embracing and sharing her love of manifestation. “It’s completely silly goose stuff, obviously,” she says. “I'm not taking it so seriously, which is also my way of approaching spirituality. I'm a unserious person and I find that any time that I get serious about things, I get blocked."

Community is also a big part of Holliday's POV of manifestation, whether it's her shared manifestation doc or the people leaving UTI remedies in the @NicheManifestation comments. “This space is formatted like, Isn't this funny that we all experience this?” she says. “And I think that's something that's really beautiful about comedy in general. It shines a light on darkness and transforms that darkness into light.”

Bringing light to darkness is something manifestation and comedy have in common, Holliday says. And she hopes the general idea of bringing good things into your life and supporting each other gets through to people, even if they don’t start a manifestation practice of their own. “At its best, manifestation is a communal experience that we all use to uplift each other,” Holliday says. “And that's why I think Niche Manifestations is really cool."

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