US Coast Guard Rescues Beachgoer in Distress in Northern Oregon

The United States Coast Guard (USGC) rescued a woman “in distress” near Indian Beach in Oregon’s north on Sunday, May 14.

USGC Pacific Northwest said a rescue swimmer from a local fire unit swam out to help the woman.

“The [USCG] aircrew hoisted the woman and swimmer and transported them to Ecola State Park in stable condition,” the agency said. Credit: United States Coast Guard Pacific Northwest via Storyful

Video transcript

- Survivor is just outside the cabin door. The survivor inside the cabin.

- Survivor is getting out of the basket.

- Altitude.


- 100.

- Hold position.

- Holding.

- [INAUDIBLE] take a load. [INAUDIBLE] survivor clear the water clear back.


- Roger, clear back.

- Captain, answer. [INAUDIBLE] survivor coming up. Roger. [INAUDIBLE]

- You're good.

- Another survivor [INAUDIBLE] below the cabin door.

- Roger that. [INAUDIBLE].

- Another survivor outside the cabin door. Bring this other survivor inside.