‘Upload’ Renewed for 4th and Final Season on Prime Video

“Upload” fans, you can exhale: We are going to find out which of the Nathans (the digital copy or the downloaded original) was killed off, as Amazon Prime Video announced Wednesday the sci-fi comedy has been renewed for a fourth and final season.

No date has been set yet for the final season of “Upload.” But Season 3 premiered October 20, 2023, – a full 19 months after Season 2’s March 2022 launch. Hopefully the wait won’t be as long for Season 4.

Set in a technologically advanced near future where human minds can be uploaded into digital afterlives after death (if they’re rich enough), the series stars Robbie Amell as Nathan, a recent upload who discovers his death was connected to a larger conspiracy, and Andy Allo as Nora, an afterlife customer service rep linked to activists fighting the unequal system. The series also stars Kevin Bigley as Luke, Allegra Edwards as Ingrid, Zainab Johnson as Aleesha, and Owen Daniels as A.I. Guy.

“When I conceived ‘Upload’ many years ago, I had the story arced out over four seasons, so I am thrilled to make the ending the fans deserve and the characters and creative team have been working towards,” series creator, showrunner and writer Greg Daniels said. “Jen Salke and Vernon Sanders have been our Angels and they deserve 5 stars.”

“I’m thrilled to share that ‘Upload’ will return to Prime Video for a fourth and final installment. We are grateful to Greg and the fantastic team behind the series and while goodbyes are bittersweet, we know that the series will be uploaded to its well-deserved idealistic after-life,” Vernon Sanders, head of television for Amazon MGM Studios, said.

Naturally, no details about the final season have been provided. But TheWrap’s Andi Ortiz spoke to Amell, Allo and Edwards in November about their hopes for how that wild cliffhanger is resolved.

“OK, so back-up Nathan survives, Ingrid gets this incredible wedding,” Allo said. “Nora is at the wedding, and they have that moment: ‘Is there anyone who does not think this union should happen?’ And…”

“Woah! And that’s the season four cliffhanger!” Robbie Amell chimed in. “‘Speak now or forever hold your peace’ and you go — [inhales] — and it goes to black.”

For her part, Edwards said that stresses her out.

“Because if we have to get to the finale of season four to make it to the wedding, that’s an entire season of wedding planning,” she worried. “[Ingrid would] love it, but that, that’d be a lot.”

We don’t know if there’ll be a wedding, but if there is, at least it won’t end on a cliffhanger. We hope.

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