An upcoming Singapore movie hopes to help married couples steer clear of divorce

Nurul Azliah
Senior Lifestyle Reporter
Upcoming Singapore movie hopes to help married couples avoid divorce. (Photo: Pixabay)

Besides living out the rest of your life with your partner, getting married also means forming a safe and nurturing institution for your children to grow in.

This is advice that life coach Huiru hopes to impart to many married couples living in countries such as Singapore, where divorces are gradually increasing. In July 2017, government statistics showed a 1.2 per cent increase in divorces in Singapore, up from 2015.

Huiru, who has been a life coach for more than 20 years, has collaborated with veteran producer Au Yuk Sing (“23:59”, “The Return of the Condor Heroes”) to produce upcoming film “Ten Hours of Divorce”, a story of the ups and downs of a married couple who have separated. The Mandarin-language movie is in the process of confirming its cast and release date.

Producer Au Yuk Sing returns from a six-year hiatus to produce upcoming film “Ten Hours of Divorce”. (Photo: Au Yuk Sing)

Set over 20 years starting from the ‘80s, “Ten Hours of Divorce” is based on 10 real-life stories that occurred in Singapore and China. Through this movie, the life coach hopes to reach out to people with marriage problems, from parents to parents-to-be and newlyweds, among others.

The importance of having a solid family nucleus stems from Fujian-born Huiru’s childhood. Having grown up in a town where very few parents gave their girls an education, it made it all the more important for parents to become the “best schools” for their kids.

Life coach Huiru. (Photo: Huiru)

Fortunately for Huiru, she was the only one out of six children who successfully convinced her parents to give her an education.

“Getting an education was the only way to change my life… After much effort, I managed to get my parents’ approval,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore in a recent interview.

“[Parents] are the ones who influence their children for his or her whole life. Use your true and genuine love as the best accompaniment during and throughout your children’s growing up,” she added.

Huiru is also the author of self-help books such as “为了生命的尊严:有一种爱,让我们不再陌生 (For the Dignity of the Life-There is a Kind of Love Making Us not be Strange to Each Other Anymore)”.

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