Upcoming locally-produced play 'The Jugular Vein' is a whole lot of heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat suspense

Sheila Chiang
Lifestyle contributor
(Left to right) 'The Jugular Vein' actress Nadia Dayan, marketing director Isabelle Roy, actress Aiswarya Nair, actress Stephanie Bovis, actress Jolene Wong, writer James Thoo and artistic director Kamil Haque. (PHOTO: The Haque Collective)

SINGAPORE - Singapore's burgeoning playwriting scene is set to prove naysayers – who claim our theatre scene is lacklustre – wrong. In fact, with the upcoming and highly-anticipated debut play of Singapore’s first professional acting school, it is set to change mindsets alike.

This September, The Haque Collective performs ‘The Jugular Vein’, a dark comedy about a group of 4 women on a bachelorette night, who have to pretend to be friends, simply because of the fact that their husbands are friends.

Over the course of the evening, they come to realise that they don't all like each other as much as they thought. Tension builds up, tempers begin to flare, and before long, the entire situation breaks down into all-out anarchy.

The Jugular Vein will be performed from 19th – 22nd September at the Centre 42. (PHOTO: The Haque Collective)

The play will be performed by its founding members Stephanie Bovis, Nadia Dayan, Aiswarya Nair, Isabelle Roy, and Jolene Wong – under the art direction of The Haque Collective founder Kamil Haque and in-house writer James Thoo. Kamil is the only coach in Asia experienced in teaching the Lee Strasberg method of acting, and have coached actors for the stage, major Hollywood films, international, regional and local TV series.

While there are a lot of plays or shows produced in Singapore with roles for women, few offer the range of characters or the breadth of definition to allow an actress to do their most interesting work. ‘The Jugular Vein’, features four strong female roles and no male roles.

When asked about who amongst Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore readers would like to come watch this play, the actresses said, “Those looking for girls’ night out, date nights, different nationalities in a play, or just how different expat wives react to something.”

Nadia added that, “It’s also F1 weekend so if you’re tired of that, go for the show”, evoking laughter from the room.

What is one key takeaway from The Jugular Vein?

“How women can be like if we don’t take care of each other.” – Jolene

“Girls can be b*tches sometimes and it’s allowed.” - Stephanie

The Jugular Vein will be performed at Centre 42, Black Box, 42 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187951.

Dates and Timings:

Sept 19th & 20th are sold out

Sept 21st: 3pm & 8pm (still available)

Sept 22nd: 3pm & 8pm (still available)

Get your tickets and witness a tale of four women, one tragedy, and a whole lot of carnage.