Unusual Chinese New Year treats for friends and family

There is no better way to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dog than with some yummy snacks you can serve to visitors in your home or package as delicious gifts to friends and relatives. Besides the usual pineapple tarts and love letters, the new year celebrations make the perfect opportunity to offer up some unusual culinary delights like Godiva chocolates and traditional Teochew pastries with a twist. 

Here is a list of not-so-typical Lunar New Year goodies you might consider for this auspicious occasion.

 1.     Prosperity Choux Tower

(Photo: OLLELLA)

If you ever want a show-stopping centrepiece for your celebrations at home, pastry shop OLLELLA has the perfect answer for you. Built with 30 pieces of choux and decorated with pineapple compote and Chantilly cream soux, this tower looks almost like a full-sized pineapple. There is also a hidden bonus of four auspicious numbers only revealed when four choux are removed from their stem.  

Price: $88 for a tower

2.     Thye Moh Chan’s Golden Bangle pastries

(Photo: Thye Moh Chan Singapore)

Everyone’s favourite traditional Teochew bakery Thye Moh Chan is back with a new pastry – the Golden Bangle, which contains their signature mung bean filling studded with bak kwa. With couplets wishing people well for the year ahead, this box of pastries make for a good gift to loved ones.

Price: $18.80 for a box

3.     Orh Nee Cake

(Photo: Antoinette)

Another twist on a traditional Teochew dessert, this time by Antoinette’s Chef Pang, is Orh Nee Cake created from fresh yam and pumpkin, with layers of yam mousse, yam cake, gula melaka and pumpkin cremeux with fried shallots. The layered cake is also topped with almond crumble and decorated with candied gingko nuts, looking as pretty as it is delicious.

 Price: $10 for individual slice or $45 for a whole cake

4.     Godiva Chinese New Year Assorted Chocolates

(Photo: Godiva)

Trust Godiva to make chocolate relevant for Lunar New Year with tea-infused pralines concocted with aromatic Pu Erh, black and green tea leaves, and dog-shaped chocolates befitting the Year of the Dog. The red and gold orchid design of the gift boxes symbolising wealth and good fortune makes this another good option for gift giving.

 Price: $132

 5.     Bah Whoo Chicken Floss Cake

(Photo: Ah Mah Homemade Cake)

Fans of castella cakes will be excited to know that Ah Mah Homemade Cake, known for their previous Pandan and Milo Dinosaur flavours, have come up with a new one for this special occasion. The Bah Whoo flavour is a fluffy cake with fillings and toppings of crispy chicken floss, bringing back old-school flavours we love.

 Price: $15

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