The Unmatched Effort Needed to Create the Most Successful PR Campaigns As Proven By Sabrina Stocker

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Business leaders create PR campaign strategies with the hopes of achieving actual results. They want to create a campaign that resonates with the consumers, creating a sweeping interest in the brand. They’re hoping the additional exposure leads to heavy website traffic, more followers, and additional sales that can significantly increase its profit. The success of a company’s PR campaign depends primarily on the strategy used and the effort put into each step.

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Success relies heavily on the combination of different strategies that may include sending a heartfelt message to the consumers, providing shock appeal to get people interested, and even creating something that solves problems. Providing a problem-solving solution was what Sabrina Stocker had in mind. As the founder of Two Comma PR (@twocommapr), she leveraged her skills, experience, and storytelling abilities to create hype around her co-founded company, Shopping Slot. The company provides users with delivery slots for various companies to make it easier for consumers to get what they need when they need it.

The effort put into Sabrina’s innovative strategy led to multiple publications on Shopping Slot and how it works. In addition, over 100,000 users signed up to use it on the first day. So, what is it that Stocker did to achieve a higher level of success within such a short timeframe? “We created a convenient service that changed lives for the better. Then, we made sure that was a story that we could tell to others, making them aware of how easily accessible and convenient Shopping Slot was for them,” shared Stocker. “We developed this fresh idea that others hadn’t developed, setting us apart from the rest. While that was advantageous, we also focused on building a strong personal brand before working on the PR campaign. Our goal was to make it easy for people to learn about us and get a feel for who we are with a quick and simple Google search.”

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Stocker believes success relies heavily on several factors, including searchability, an easy-to-use website interface, and a compelling pitch. “Be ready and willing to pitch to journalists. These are the people who can pick up your story and put it out there for millions of people to see. Don’t hesitate to reach out to as many journalists as possible. Even if one doesn’t respond, you’re still increasing your chances of getting the word out there when contacting multiple professionals,” said Stocker. “Don’t even worry about dealing with cold emails. Instead, use Twitter to find and connect with your favorite journalists. Let them know how much you enjoy their work, and then work on your pitch. It could work in your favor, helping you get the publicity you want and need for your business.”

Business leaders can establish online credibility, develop the perfect website to display their products or services, and then focus on creating an enthralling pitch for journalists who may express interest in learning more about the business and brand. Of course, desirable results require unmatched effort, but the extra effort typically helps maximize exposure, leading to more success for businesses.

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