University graduate, 25, reveals she is to marry former professor, 71, after seven months of dating

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University graduate, 25, has revealed she is set to marry her 71-year-old former professor [Image: Facebook]

A university graduate, 25, has revealed she is to marry her former professor, 71, after seven months of dating.

Cameron Platt, who recently graduated with a masters degree from Oxford University, announced she is engaged to Lee Clark Mitchell – who is a professor in English.

The couple – who have a 46-year age gap – met when Cameron took one of Lee’s classes as an undergraduate at Princeton University in the United States five years ago.

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In a lengthy Facebook post she opened up about her romance with the lecturer – who will be 72 in June – acknowledging that “it might come as a surprise to many of you”.

Cameron Platt first met Lee Clark Mitchell when he was her English professor [Image: Princeton]

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“I was taking his lecture course on Henry James and William Faulkner,” she wrote.

“Lee was little more than a stranger to me then, but he captivated me with his brilliance, sensitivity, and passion.

“His lectures changed forever the way that I think.”

Cameron said that by the time she had graduated, Lee had become a “devoted mentor”.

The woman revealed their engagement in a Facebook post [Image: Facebook]

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She then spent two years at Oxford, but admitted she often thought of her former professor.

“I was surprised to find how much I still thought of Lee — and soon I understood that I felt something for him that I’d not fully acknowledged before,” she explained.

“At the end of my two years in Oxford, after much reflection, and with encouragement from my wonderful friends, I resolved to shoot my shot.”

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Last September, the pair went on their first date to the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Despite Lee not knowing it was a date, they acted like “shy teens, eager but tentative” and were “unsure of how to test new boundaries with each other”.

Cameron continued: “At last, to our amazement, we broke through.

“Something then sprouted from a seed that neither of us had known that we’d planted, and we realised that the force of feeling that we’d long had for each other and called by other names (admiration, wonder, devotion, gratitude) held within it the hope and the potential for love.”

She said that while they are at “different stages of life”, they are in love and decided to make their relationship official with an engagement ring.

Princeton have confirmed that Lee is currently on academic sabbatical.

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Lee and Cameron aren’t the only smitten couple with a hefty age gap.

Back in January, Almeda, 71, shared how she fell in love with 17-year-old Gary at her son’s funeral. The couple married just two weeks later.

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