Undeterred by high prices, Apple fans in Singapore queue for latest iPhones in Orchard Rd

The queue for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at the Apple store in Orchard Road. (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

It seems that iPhone fans in Singapore are determined to get their hands on the latest iPhone models, despite the sky-high prices.

Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore saw about 350 people queueing to buy the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at Apple’s flagship Orchard Road store on Thursday afternoon (20 September), ahead of the launch of sales of the smartphones the next day.

Apple announced its latest products last Wednesday, which included a new Apple Watch as well as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

The iPhone XS costs $1,649 (64GB), $1,889 (256GB) or $2,199 (512GB) in Singapore depending on its memory capacity, while the larger-sized iPhone XS Max costs $1,799 (64GB), $2,039 (256GB) or $2,349 (512GB).

The cheaper iPhone XR, which will be available for pre-orders on 19 October and will begin sales on 26 October, costs $1,229 (64GB), $1,299 (256GB) or $1,469 (512GB).

Among those queueing was Indian national Piyush Lakhwank, 26, who said that “money does not matter” when it comes to purchasing the latest iPhones.

“As high as the prices go, we don’t mind. The iPhone is superb. iPhone XS Max is very good so we will purchase it,” said the retail professional.

Piyush Lakhwank (left) and Nirav Nanda. (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Lakhwank’s friend, 28-year-old business professional Nirav Nanda, who was also in the queue, shared a similar sentiment.

“The prices are a little bit high, but we are the crazy ones to use this phone, so we’ll buy it,” he said.

As for Linh Lai, 30, he is intent on buying the upcoming iPhone models as they are “worth the money”.

“Apple has a long reputation of (producing) good quality products,” said the student. “I don’t care about the price anyway, because I like the product and the simplicity of the iOS. Now, you can use the phone for two to three years. You are paying for something for everyday use, so it’s not very much.”

Apple customers sleeping in the queue for the latest iPhones at the Apple store in Orchard Road. (PHOTO: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Vietnamese national Le Thang, 20, who is the first in line, said that he came to Singapore just so that he could purchase the iPhone XS Max. He will be returning to Vietnam on Friday night.

“The iPhone is special and beautiful. I love Apple products. They are very fun,” he said.

Another Vietnamese, 17-year-old Johnni Ramsey, said that he was hired to purchase iPhones for an Apple store in Vietnam.

“They pay $100 for each iPhone I take back (to Vietnam). They hire people in Singapore to queue here, to bring back iPhones,” said the student, adding that there were other such hired shoppers from Vietnam who were in the queue as well.

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