This Under-the-radar Delta Booking Hack Could Score You Major Savings on Your Next Flight

Here's what you need to know.

If you’ve got an upcoming flight with Delta, you might be able to save some serious cash on that ticket — even after you’ve already paid for the flight.

This week, Vivian Tu, known as Your Rich BFF on social media, shared that can help savvy travelers get a future travel credit if the price of the flight has dropped — even after you hit “pay.”

First, Vivian explains that after you’ve booked a flight with Delta, you’ll want to find the exact same one on Google Flights. Then, you’ll turn on the “track prices” button, which will automatically notify you of any price drops via email.

If you do get that notification, that’s where this hack comes in.

“Go to the app or the website of Delta, find your flight, and pretend like you’re going to modify your flight,” explained Vivian. “I say pretend because you’re going to keep all your information the same: flight date and flight number.”

Once you hit the modify button, you’ll see a list of new potential flight options to choose from — including the one you’re already booked on.

“You’re just going to find that same flight and then put yourself on it again,” Vivian continued. “But what you’ll realize is that if your flight has dropped in price and you put yourself back on it, you’ll get an eCredit for the difference — and then you can use that money for another flight!”

Travel + Leisure tried out this method and successfully verified it. Delta even states on its website, “If you select a new flight that is less than the price of your original flight, you will receive an eCredit for the difference that you can redeem toward future travel.”

So, with Vivian’s hack, travelers will still be able to receive that eCredit, even if their original flight goes down in price.

It’s important to know that travelers won’t be able to make changes if they’ve booked a basic economy ticket. This is Delta’s most restrictive fare class, which means basic economy fares are “non-changeable and non-refundable in most cases,” according to Delta.

One final tip if you try out this hack? Write down the eCredit number and the voucher amount immediately as you don’t want to lose out on it. Delta eCredits are valid one year from the day the original flight was booked, and you can even use up to five per booking.

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