This Under-$10 Pack of Spa Headbands Transformed My Skin Routine—and It’s 38% Off

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Bye-bye, makeup wipes.

<p>Real Simple / Tyler Roeland</p>

Real Simple / Tyler Roeland

While I longingly save skincare routine videos that cross my feed and regularly collect attractive colored bottles to stack on my bathroom counter, here's a secret: I am genuinely terrible at washing my face. It's not that I don't have the desire or required products, but rather, I often wait until the very last minute to do my routine, when I am far too tired to imagine using anything other than a makeup wipe. Plus, I detest the sensation of water splashing into my hair and onto my wrists.

This fall, however, I discovered another way. You see, I discovered "Get Ready with Me" videos in which creators did their hair and makeup while chatting to the camera, and I noticed many used terry or otherwise washable headbands to avoid that exact pitfall. After scouring Amazon for options, I settled on a three-pack of microfiber headbands for under $10, which completely changed my skincare routine for the better.



To buy: $8 (was $13);

The Denfany Spa Headband set comes with three adjustable wraps in black, gray, and white. Each headband is 25 inches long and 3 inches wide(which covers more of your hair than you'd expect). A hook and loop "magic tape" stripe at the back makes them adjustable and easy to use. The brand also suggests using them for facials, bathing, and more.

More than 2,400 shoppers have given these spa headbands five stars on Amazon, myself included. One reviewer called them “incredibly comfortable," with another writing the wrap adds “great benefit to [their] beauty routine."

Upon first use, I loved how touchable and delightful they were. Even with my hair down, the headband kept my strands away from my face even while putting on a mask; as someone used to constantly picking strands out from the clay, it was a relief. I found myself actually committing to a full, refreshing wash each time in front of my bathroom sink, which has helped my skin appear healthier and less irritated. The adhesive felt secure, and I loved being able to rotate between colors.

For only a few dollars each, the cost-per-use of the Denfany Spa Headbands Three- Pack is remarkable. It's all well and good to have an intricate skin routine, but what use is it if it's not maintainable? These soft wraps have boosted my execution and improved my skin. Try them yourself at Amazon for just $8 while the pack is an impressive 38 percent off.

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