This Unbelievably Simple Hack Will Change the Way You Hang Photos Forever

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This Hack Will Change the Way You Hang PhotosAndreas von Einsiedel - Getty Images

We love a gallery wall as much as the next design lover, but we need to be honest: Hanging a picture or piece of art is the worst. Not only do you have to carry an often-heavy frame, which sometimes requires a Herculean strength, but you may also need to contort your body just to make sure its wire hanger is resting on that teeny, tiny nail. And, of course, this is all before you even think about leveling your frame.

Thankfully, a musician named Tommy Igoe just reposted a genius hack that changes everything. In this video, someone stuck a fork on the nail, so the nail is securely sandwiched between two prong and the fork's handle is pointed toward the ceiling. From there, the person hangs their frame so the cable wire is resting on the nail and right near the neck of the fork. Simply pull the fork off the nail and voilà: A hung frameminus the unnecessary contorting.

It may not have been Igoe's idea, but the musician agrees that this idea is brilliant and commented, "Let's locate whoever thought of this and have them solve all the worlds problems." Naturally, the rest of the internet fully agrees. "Brilliant idea," one person wrote. "Probably could offer some common sense solutions to world problems." "Damn, thought I was clever, but this is next-level," another remarked. A third commenter kept their thoughts simple: "Unbelievable!!!"

But why stop the good ideas there? Check out more of our high-end home hacks for DIY projects with designer-level results.

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