Um, There's Evidence That Theon Turns Bran into a White Walker on 'Game of Thrones'

Mehera Bonner
Um, There's Evidence That Theon Turns Bran into a White Walker on 'Game of Thrones'

From Cosmopolitan

  • A new Game of Thrones fan theory speculates that Theon might turn Bran into a White Walker during next week's episode.
  • Mild spoilers ahead. You've been warned, don't @ me!

Buckle the hell up, because this Game of Thrones theory will, and I can't stress this enough, shake you to you very core. As you probably recall, during Sunday's episode Theon offered to guard Bran while he lurks in the forest to draw out the Night King. Sounds simple, right? WRONG, sounds like an inevitable clusterf*ck!



If there's one thing we can count on, it's that things will *not* go according to plan, and Redditor cabtx thinks the casual twist will be Theon turning Bran into a white walker. Before you're like "lol bye" and click away from this article, the theory actually has legs. First, let's take a look back on the first time(s) Theon saved Bran's life:

"Theon sent an arrow through the back of a wildling (straight through the heart) when the wildling held a knife to Bran’s throat. The second time was by staging Bran’s and Rickon’s deaths when they ran away from Winterfell. By pretending they were dead he inadvertently protected them. This prevented them from being hunted, chased, or sought after by other possible foes."

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Kay, got it. With that in mind, back to Bran. The theory states that Bran has figured out that he is the ultimate weapon against the Night King.

"Bran has a master plan and he is going to start putting it into action in episode 3 when he arranges to have Theon turn him into a White Walker at the weirwood in Winterfell! With powers of greensight, warning [sic], AND the vast knowledge of the 3ER [three-eyed raven] Bran could turn into a WW with the same powers of the Night King. In fact, he may be able to be more powerful that the NK. This might allow Bran to warg or control the Ice Dragon and/or WW & wights. My guess is that he will be able to. He will be key in taking out the Night King by interrupting or challenging the NK’s powerful abilities of warging."

Kay, cool, but what does our main man Theon have to do with this? As the theory notes, his entire story arc centers on atonement for his crimes against the Starks. And his final (probably pre-death) sacrifice will be helping Bran weaponize himself by shooting a dragonglass arrow through his heart (side note: this is how the Children of the Forest created the Night King).

"By fulfilling this last wish of Bran, Theon will forge Bran into the only weapon capable of beating the NK. Bran will become the Lightbringer who will drive back the darkness [...]All the guilt, punishment, and regrets Theon has are wrapped up in Bran. Bran is the key to Theon’s redemption. By turning Bran into a New Night King, Theon Will finally be fully redeemed."

Controversial opinion: I kinda buy it. WBU?

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