The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Your Newborn’s Growth and Development

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Congratulations on the newest addition to your growing family! Your heart must be filled with love and your home with giggles, laughter, cuddles, a wee bit of exhaustion. You may be settling in with your little one- checking out your favourite baby tracking app to figure out breastfeeding patterns, sleep schedules, and diaper changing cycles.

Basically, getting to know your sweet bub a bit better amidst all the chaos at home. 

Either way, whether you’re a first-time parent or welcoming your second child, you may greatly benefit from support. And we’re not just talking about support from your friends and family, but an entire community of parents on a single platform- theAsianparent baby tracker. 

With just a single click, you can connect with a strong community of parents and experts who will support you in your parenting journey. Just as you did when you were pregnant and relied upon theAsianparent’s pregnancy tracker

theAsianparent App: What Is The Baby Tracker?  

baby tracking app
baby tracking app

Image courtesy: theAsianparent App (iOS + Android)

As you transition from pregnancy to parenthood, you’ll need a singular platform to help you with all the relevant information you need about your growing child’s health and well-being.

Whether it is physical development, cognitive development, social and emotional development, nutrition, tummy time and/or motor skills, among others. This is where theAsianparent’s baby tracker comes into play.

Touted as the favourite baby tracking app for most parents globally, it has everything you need under a single roof. 

Here are some key features: 

  • Through the theAsianparent app’s curated baby tracker, you’ll be able to track your baby’s growth daily until the age of 6.

  • Similar to the pregnancy tracker, you’re able to keep tabs on your child’s growth and development as well as important milestones to look out for.

  • The baby tracking app will guide you through the many aspects of your child’s growth such as their speech, physical, cognitive and social development. 

Community bonding and support is a highlight feature of theAsianparent’s baby tracker. Here, you can find a welcoming community of experienced parents and child health professionals to support you along the way.  

  • If you have extra questions or are seeking more helpful tips in raising your kiddo, you can also interact with other mummies and daddies on the app. You can get advice on baby care as well as share your own experiences in your journey to parenthood.

Over 60,000 parents already use our baby tracker daily. So why not join in and share your baby’s special milestones with other fellow parents.

How To Use The Baby Tracker: A Helpful Guide For New Parents

baby tracking app
baby tracking app

Image courtesy: theAsianparent App (iOS + Android)

Using our baby tracker is easy!

With theAsianparent app, you already have access to the handy tracker. Here’s how you can set up your favourite baby tracker app and your baby’s profile. 

  • Go to your profile. Open the tracker dropdown menu on your screen and click on ‘Add kid’s profile’.

  • Here you can fill in your baby’s birth details to customise your tracker based on your baby’s age.

  • After you’ve uploaded all relevant information, hit save and viola!

You’re now on your way to tracking your kiddo’s day-by-day growth!

Once your baby tracker is all set up, you can also continue to share your own posts and photos in a safe and private network like milestones or skills your child may have achieved. 

Through this tracker, you’ll be able to access some expert-advice and community recommendations. Let us take you through some more of the key features. 

5 Key Baby Tracker Features

baby tracking app
baby tracking app

Image courtesy: theAsianparent App (iOS + Android

  • Nutrition guide in keeping your child healthy and strong

  • A list of mastered, emerging and advanced skills your child can do

  • An age-by-age guide to your child’s physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and speech development

  • Articles full of helpful tips and advice based on up-to-date research

  • Product recommendations according to age

Why Parents Love theAsianparent Baby Tracking App And You Would Too! 

As a new parent, you may have questions about how to care for your baby. You may also wonder whether they’re growing or developing their skills at the right stage.

Either way, remember that all children are unique in their own way. But there may be instances where you may still need to confirm, which is why parents love theAsianparent baby tracker.  

Not only can you interact with a supportive community and check back on your early parenting experience. You can also immediately understand when your kids’ growth is affected and how well they are able to develop new physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and speech skills. (If you are worried about your child’s development growing up, it is still always best to consult a doctor.)

You can also check out relevant articles and a handy nutritional guide. 

All in all, the baby tracker is a helpful platform to guide you through your baby’s developmental stages as well as track their milestones and skills achievement. 

Plus, not only do you get to learn from other parents, but you can also help fellow parents-to-be by sharing your own experiences. 

Here’s to raising strong, smart and kind kids!

To download theAsianparent app:

iOS: Click here

Android: Click here


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