Ukrainian architects design modular housing solution for displaced people

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"RE:Ukraine" by Balbek Bureau

To cope with the 7.1 million internally displaced refugees in the country, a Ukrainian architecture bureau has come up with a project to rehouse people who have fled their homes. These modular housing units are easy to build and can be deployed on any type of land. They could accommodate up to 8,000 people, depending on the area.

The Ukrainian architecture firm Balbek Bureau has come up with a rapid response to the humanitarian crisis the country is experiencing as a result of war. Today, just over 12 million Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes since February 24, 2022, according to UN data, and more than half of them remain inside the country.

In response, Balbek Bureau architects have designed a modular and temporary housing system called "RE:Ukraine" to help rehouse the millions of displaced people in decent conditions. The system can be adapted to suit different types of land, site shapes or population density.

"The project's goal is to maintain a dignified lifestyle for people who have been forced to leave their homes. The system is designed to be implemented in a short timeframe: residents can move into the town in two to three months from the beginning of construction," explains architect and founder of the bureau, Slava Balbek.

The project uses a basic 6.6- by 3.3-meter module that can accommodate private rooms, shared kitchen areas or sanitary facilities. These modules are grouped together and can gradually form residential areas. These communities can accommodate more than 8,000 people, according to the firm.

Since 2015, five projects of this type have been implemented in Ukraine, including one in Kharkiv, where the housing zone covers an area of 3,060 square meters.

With the war, the initiative has gained momentum among elected officials, businesses and architects, some of whom are now ready to start production.

The system could also be used in other areas of the world.

Louis Bolla

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